About us

Lily and Grace offers an exciting range of quality branded baby and children decor, accessories and toys. A mix of gorgeous products; some exquisite international brands, which are a first in South Africa, and others are beautifully, handcrafted local treasures.

Lily and Grace started with a Mother who is passionate and completely obsessed with Baby and Children's decor and accessories. 

"From the moment I knew I was pregnant, I began a search for the most beautiful, unique products to create the perfect little haven for my precious baby.  As my daughter grew older, I continued in my quest to create a special little girls room.

After months of trying to recreate my 'pins' and search for the perfect pieces, I realised that so many of these incredible products were not available in South Africa. 

I decided to take my passion further by making these beautiful treasures available for other Mom's in South Africa, I am now on this exciting journey of Lily and Grace and am delighted to be able to bring some of these incredible brands into South Africa for the first time. I do hope that you will love these products as much as I, and I wish you a beautiful adventure creating the perfect little haven for your very special little ones."

We have searched near and far to find the most beautiful, unique decor and accessories for little ones. Lily and Grace promises quality branded products, friendly, efficient service, and perfectly wrapped up orders and gifts, which are sure to delight. 


With warmth and love,

The Lily and Grace Team of Mommy's